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Donation Request

           The Pittsburgh Tour Company has been a generous supporter of our local communities and is committed to making every effort to further our involvement within the community and its organizations. 

          We have provided donations to many organizations throughout the year and want to continue to support our local charities and organizations.   Because the requests are so great, guidelines have been implemented in order to assist as many organizations as possible. If you are interested in seeking a donation, please review the following guidelines before submitting your request. 

Donation requests will only be considered during open peak tour season, f
rom June 1st 2023 until September 30th 2023.  Unfortunately our staff is limited in the off season and we are unable to take requests during that time.


ALL requests must be made through email by filling out Donation request form or email to :

Please provide the following information within your email request:

  •   Name of organization

  •   Contact person information

  •   Complete mailing address

  •   Phone number

  •   Non-profit or tax identification number

  •   Details of the event, including its date, purpose, expected attendance and who will benefit. 

Please send requests at least 30 days in advance.  All donations will be considered but we cannot guaranty we will donate to your organization.  We cannot donate monetary amounts, however we can donate tickets for The Pittsburgh Tour Company's Double Decker Tour.  We will try to reply to all donation requests.  We will no longer be able to receive phone calls for requests.  

Thank you and we look forward to helping out our community and our local organizations this year.

Please fill out this form for donation considerations.

Success! Message received.

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