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1. Do you go in the water?
No. This is a bus and it would sink silly! We have tons of tour fun on land.  
2. How long is the bus at every stop?
We only spend enough time to let passengers Hop Off and Hop On at the stop..we don't dally, we try to keep our tour on schedule.
3. Is this narrated?
YES! By some of the best tour guides around! The Pittsburgh Tour Company's official live tour guides love to show people our beautiful city and know our city the best! We provide the facts and they provide their awesome personality, humor and fun!
4. What kind of buses are they?
We use American made Gillig double decker buses that are wheelchair friendly!  They are beautiful, climate controlled downstairs,  and tons of fun to ride on!
5. Which bus will I be riding on?
That depends. We name each of our buses and they are just a little bit different.  Ask your driver or tour guide the name of your bus! 
6. What should I bring on the tour?
Your camera, sunscreen (open top Buses), water, your friends and family and adventurous side!
7. What if I miss the bus?
Unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility. However, you can hang out a little longer at the stop (unless that was the last tour of the day) and we will be back around to get you!  Explore some more!  Please make sure you are at the stop at least 10 minutes prior so you will not miss the bus.
8. Can I bring a stroller?
YES! Fold it down and bring it along! Just make sure you bring your kids with you too!
9. Are the buses wheelchair accessible?
We will be happy to bring your collapsible folding wheelchair on board or wheelchair bound guests can let us know so we can make sure we have one of our accessible buses on that tour.
10. I have a question this page did not answer.
No problem!  Just give us a call, we will be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have: 412-381-8687

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