Here is a table of our approximate tour times.  

Due to any unforeseen circumstances: road closures, detours, accidents, city events, sporting events, ect, times may be altered from time sheet.  We as a company try to do our diligence to predict these situations the best we can to improve customer satisfaction.  

Time Sheets are available at boarding and may be different than shown, based on any unforeseen circumstance. We try our best to reroute as close to any stop as we can. 

"ALWAYS WAVE" our bus.... so we see you... and it's fun!

We look forward to showing you around our beautiful city! Tour with us today!

Tour times for our 2 bus tour schedule. Company reserves the right to change or alter the schedule as needed due to city wide events, road closures, being completely booked, mechanical failure or other event. You can call to check the schedule before waiting at your stop for initial pick up.