STOP #1 Homebase


South Side Works Kiosk
445 S. 27 Street,Pittsburgh PA 15203


Welcome to our  Home Base location! We are expanding again soon, adding 1 NEW double decker bus in April of 2021! We also have 2 new American Gillig double decker buses that are handicap accessible and 3 Daimler 1977 double decker buses.

We have 21 stops, all day passes and the most inclusive tour. We are the number 1 sightseeing tour of Pittsburgh!

If you have never taken a Pittsburgh Tour Company Double Decker Tour.....NOW is the time to try our fun and exciting 21 stop Hop on Hop Off Tour! Pittsburgh is the best place to tour! Book your tickets today!

At our HOME BASE stop you can:

  • Enjoy German food at the Hofbrauhaus!

  • Grab some Cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory!

  • Shop at one of the specialty stores in the area!

  • Walk down to the river behind Hofbrauhaus.

Collage of The Pittsburgh Tour Compa
Stop 1 Southside Works
New Double Decker Bus
Double Decker bus
New Double Decker Bus

Double Decker Bus